Options and Actions

One option to help is to take action and build owl boxes. Sure, owls naturally nest in trees and barns, but that is not always the best place for us or them. Some good information regarding this matter, in addition to the specs for the owls boxes we are building alongside LBRI, can be found on the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society’s website – http://www.scvas.org/pdf/cbrp/BuildingBarnOwlBoxes.pdf. This 31-page publication titled, “Build a Barn Owl Box, Modeled after an Original Design by Steve Simmons,” contains info such as the breeding cycles and life style of the barn owl, pictures of barn owls, and of course how to build a barn owl box. What to do after you have built the box as well as internet resources are also available from the publication.

Another option – check out our stuff on Twitter – @LoxahootLife – https://twitter.com/LoxahootLife. There you will find photos of wildlife and pets alike, as well as the random scenery that surrounds us out here, west of Westlake.

And yet another option, a way you can help, is to share our site. Many people simply do not know how simple it can be until they see. Many people might not know of the many benefits owls are known to provide. You can help people to know and help us give a hoot. If you do, we thank you!