We are where the wild things roam,

like big cats and gators that wander alone,

and small cats and owls that look for a home,

yes, this is where the wild still roam –

West of Westlake.

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About Us

Locally, in Palm Beach County Florida, one of the last remaining undeveloped areas of the western communities is located west of Westlake in Loxahatchee, Florida. The huge Minto development to our east,  which is now the City of Westlake, is slated to have a massive amount of residential and commercial development. All of this construction, along with Arden directly to our south, has been driving more and more wildlife our way, west of Westlake.

Eventually, Indian Trail Groves will also be developing the small tract of farmland that lies in between Westlake and the three private streets out here, but right now, it is this Westlake project that is making the most impact. Hence the name West of Westlake. Plus, it just sounds better than West of Indian Trail Groves or North of Arden, which technically, we are, as well as east of the L-8 or south of whatever is going to be in the old Santa Rosa Groves.

Alternatives for these creatures loosing their habitats are few and far between, and for a few of the residents in the neighboring hood west of Westlake, this scenario is saddening – particularly due to owls dying. An exhibit at the South Florida Fair in January, 2017 inspired a resident to start building owl boxes and set up this site. She shared some ideas and before she knew it, a new nonprofit was formed to help fund her vision. You will find the website for this nonprofit on the last page along with other sites helping to support our mission.

Giving “hoots” away is one way several supporters are helping to further the cause and you can help, too, by receiving one and spreading the word. Our free “hoots” are in the form of a bookmark. Our better “hoots” consist of bracelets and key rings, which will soon be for sale. Coming in 2018 is our re-home segment, where items from all around the world seek a new home in which to be used or simply admired.

In the meantime, please enjoy photos and videos of some of the stuff we see west of Westlake, and please, feel free to use them in your projects in compliance with the Creative Commons Copyright assigned to them. (Click here for more information.)

Thank you for helping us give a hoot!

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Our Mission

To provide shelter for displaced wildlife, particularly owls, is one measure of our mission. Another is about finding solutions for developers faced with having to displace the creatures. To inspire neighbors to also give a hoot – about the owls, and also about the dogs and cats not spayed or neutered, is an additional mission of ours. Providing information on this web site and alerting neighbors as to its existence is just one way we propose to accomplish this.

A very exciting goal for Palm Beach County, is the goal of Countdown 2 Zero. Initiated in 2014 by Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, the Board of County Commissioners, and Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, this public-private community collaboration brings organizations together to end euthanasia of adoptable dogs and cats in Palm Beach County. The goal of Countdown 2 Zero is the year 2024 – for when all adoptable animals’ lives’ shall be saved. Imagine there being no such thing as a stray or feral dog or cat, wouldn’t that be great?

Volunteers from the nonprofit organization, Miss Kitty’s Long Branch Ranch Incorporated, are helping to make this a reality, utilizing the TNR program (trap-neuter-return) at the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League  for cats deemed to not have a home. The TNR program has been a successful way to stop the reproduction of unwanted animals. The Rescue League also offers affordable vet services for pets. Visit their website for more information – http://www.peggyadams.org.

A fourth, and thus far final measure of our mission has to do with stuff. All kinds of stuff in all kinds of ways, is what we are dealing with – from the excessive saving of stuff syndrome to collectors scanning the world for sought-after items. From people in need needing something for free, to people who have stuff to give and want to see it fulfill a need – these are the ones we help with stuff, and for a number of reasons, which, you will see if you follow the blog below.