We are where the wild still roam,

like big cats and gators that wander alone,

and small cats and owls who look for a home,

yes, this is where the wild still roam –

West of Westlake.

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About Us

Located west of Florida’s newest city (in 2017), Westlake, we consider the area to be somewhat unique for Palm Beach County. Five acres per lot is the least you can come by out here. Many are ten, some twenty, and many are many more.

Life out here has it’s pros and cons. Our favorite aspect has always been the abundance of wildlife, particularly owls. However, accepting that “nature happens,” can be difficult at times.

The huge Minto development to our east – the City of Westlake – has been steadily building and is due to have a massive amount of residential and commercial development. All of this construction, along with Arden directly to our south, has been driving more and more wildlife our way, west of Westlake.

Also slated for development is the smaller tract of farmland that lies in between Westlake and the remaining private streets to the west, as well as the old Santa Rosa Groves. But right now, the Westlake project is making the most impact. Hence the name West of Westlake. Plus, it just sounds better than West of GL Homes or North of Arden, which technically, we are, as well as east of the L-8 or south of the old Santa Rosa Groves.

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Our Mission

To share solutions for displaced wildlife is our original mission, many of which, have been shared with us. Building owl boxes seem to be the best idea thus far. Of course, having not fully analyzed potential disadvantages means we cannot be totally sure of their success. We can only say, so far so good.

Our secondary mission is to showcase the services offered by individuals who live or work west of Westlake. At least a handful of them deal with displaced wildlife, in some form or another. We encourage our neighbors to support each other and to “Buy Local.”

Please note that the views and opinions expressed on our website and blog do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of all who write for West of Westlake or others showcased on our site. And that’s okay. For after all, we are proud supporters of the freedom of thought.

Instructions for building an owl box that will safely house a family of owls and why dimensions are important, details regarding Palm Beach County’s Countdown 2 Zero initiative and why we think it is great, where you can order AVON to help homeless cats and where to find free stuff, are just some of the things you will find on our blog. Cute cat photos you will find here, too. Random videos of wildlife we think will also do.

To have your services showcased here on westofwestlake.com, please click on the “contact us” tab, below. Do the same to report any incorrect information you see on our site. If you find the site to be share-worthy, then by all means and ways, please share!

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