West of Westlake

We are where the wild still roam,

like big cats and gators that wander alone,

and small cats and owls who look for a home,

yes, this is where the wild still roam –

West of Westlake.

About Us

Life out here has it’s pros and cons. Our favorite aspect has always been the abundance of wildlife, particularly owls. However, accepting that “nature happens,” can be difficult at times, especially for sensitive people like me.

It is also difficult for me to see so many pets being abandoned. When pets are used to being fed, they search out food, and inevitably find our place. I have always had cats, most of the time a few. So when a hungry one shows up, what else am I to do?

So I feed them and fix them and in 2017, I formed LBRI.

Located west of Florida’s newest city, Westlake, (as of 2017), we consider the area to be somewhat unique for Palm Beach County. Five acres per lot is the least you can come by out here. Many are ten, some twenty, and many are many more.

The huge Minto development to our east – the City of Westlake – has been steadily building and is due to have a massive amount of residential and commercial development. All of this construction, along with Arden directly to our south, has been driving more and more wildlife our way, west of Westlake.

Also slated for development is the smaller tract of farmland that lies in between Westlake and the remaining private streets to the west, as well as the old Santa Rosa Groves. But right now, the Westlake project is making the most impact. Hence the name West of Westlake. Plus, it just sounds better than West of GL Homes or North of Arden, which technically, we are, as well as east of the L-8 or south of the old Santa Rosa Groves.

Our Mission

To share solutions for displaced wildlife is our original mission, many of which, have been shared with us. Building owl boxes seem to be the best idea thus far. Of course, there are potential disadvantages to housing owls nearby and we cannot advocate that it is a good idea for everyone. We can only say for us, so far so good.

Our secondary mission is to showcase the services offered by individuals who live or work west of Westlake. At least a handful of them deal with displaced wildlife, in some form or another. We encourage our neighbors to support each other and to “Buy Local.”

To have your services showcased here, please click on the “contact us” tab below. To see the services already listed, click on the “services” tab below. Feel free to check out the other tabs as well, and if you choose to follow Miss Kitty at the Long Branch Ranch (LBRI), that would also be swell!

Please note that the views and opinions expressed on our website and blog do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of all who write for West of Westlake or others showcased on our site. And that’s okay. For after all, we are proud supporters of the freedom of thought.

How You Can Help

Donate an Owl Box

We accept full sheets of 3/4 inch plywood in decent condition, drop-off only, no contact through 2021, by appointment only. You can also contribute to a sheet, giving as little as one dollar. Click on the heading for more information on donating to the nonprofit through our secure GoDaddy store, or with cold hard cash in person.

Follow Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty can be a bit insecure. She wishes she were taller, like the 17 cats we have taken in for the TNVR services. I tell her the secret to happiness starts with acceptance of the things we cannot change, but she hates hearing that and turns to food for comfort. You can help support her by following along as we instill healthy habits in Miss Kitty.

Shop Our Store

Much of my parent’s estate from their condo in Key Biscayne is for sale and the items are listed on our GoDaddy site, susiesellsseashells.com.

Every cent we make goes to helping homeless cats, and the cats need more help now than ever. Check out our store and read all about it.

Click on the headings above to help homeless cats and wildlife

or below to connect with neighbors west of Westlake.


Contact Us

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