About Us

Locally, in Palm Beach County Florida, one of the last remaining undeveloped areas of the western communities is located west of Westlake in Loxahatchee, Florida. The huge Minto development to our east,  which is now the City of Westlake, is slated to have a massive amount of residential and commercial development. All of this construction, along with Arden directly to our south, has been driving more and more wildlife our way, west of Westlake.

Eventually, Indian Trail Groves will also be developing the small tract of farmland that lies in between Westlake and the three private streets out here, but right now, it is this Westlake project that is making the most impact. Hence the name West of Westlake. Plus, it just sounds better than West of Indian Trail Groves or North of Arden, which technically, we are, as well as east of the L-8 or south of whatever is going to be in the old Santa Rosa Groves.

Alternatives for these creatures loosing their habitats are few and far between, and for a few of the residents in the neighboring hood west of Westlake, this scenario is saddening – particularly due to owls dying. After seeing the owl exhibit at the South Florida Fair in January, 2017, a resident felt urged to start building owl boxes and set up this site. Perhaps you have seen this resident around town and how you got here from hoot.life. Maybe you even know her, or have gotten a “hoot.” Whatever the case may be, we’re glad you’re here and helping us give a hoot!

The “hoots” we give are in the form of a bookmark. Soon we will have bracelet “hoots,” a couple of different kinds, and key rings, too. Slated for September, 2017, we will be opening an online thrift store with contents from all around the world. Until then, we will be entertaining with photos and videos of some of the cool stuff we see, west of Westlake.

So thank you for helping us give a hoot!

Please know – this is a work in progress, scheduled to be finalized on 6/18/17. For now, you may see photos on Flickr by following this link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/150480583@N06/