About Us

Locally, in Palm Beach County Florida, one of the last remaining undeveloped areas of the western communities is located west of Westlake in Loxahatchee, Florida. The huge Minto development to our east,  which is now the City of Westlake, has been steadily building and is due to have a massive amount of residential and commercial development. All of this construction, along with Arden directly to our south, has been driving more and more wildlife our way, west of Westlake.

Also slated for development (by GL Homes, the last we heard) is the smaller tract of farmland that lies in between Westlake and the remaining private streets to the west, but right now, we believe it is the Westlake project making the most impact. Hence the name West of Westlake. Plus, it just sounds better than West of GL Homes or North of Arden, which technically, we are, as well as east of the L-8 or south of the old Santa Rosa Groves.

Massive development all around us has left little alternative for wildlife loosing their habitats. Owls, in particular, come and look for a home and find ours, which will not do for a host of reasons. On the other hand, having them around also has benefits, so long as it’s not in the soffit. We aim to  discuss such things in our blog, along with other happenings west of Westlake.