Perhaps the most unique neighborhood in Palm Beach County.

West of Westlake, Florida, you will find lots no smaller than five acres in an unincorporated area of Palm Beach County. Enduring nearly five miles of dirt road to make it all the way out here, is often an adventure. Those who love it, stay a while. Those who don’t, don’t stay long.

Maybe half of the residents have been out here more than fifteen years. For a handful of folks, it has been over forty. For us, it’s been twenty-four, though it has been in my family since 1985.

It crossed my mind that it just may be possible that someone may not like me calling attention to our area. We all out here like our privacy with our gated fenced-in five acres and security cameras everywhere. But I think it’s too late to keep the neighborhood a secret. I want to share what I can of the owls we see and maybe some history and I like the name West of Westlake.

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