Meet Miss Kitty

Meet Miss Kitty – she is absolutely adorable, until she’s not, which is actually a lot of the time. That is why, when I catch her being cute, I try to catch it on film. I’ve got quite bunch saved up, too. It seems she likes to be cute and adorable in private. Not often am I able to spy on her moments of solitude and get away with it. Sometimes, though, I am.

Most of the time I get busted watching her and she stops what she’s doing and gets mad. “I understand,” I tell her, “I used to do that, too. But Miss Kitty, it’s ME, no need to feel self-conscious.” Sometimes she agrees and sometimes she fails to see my point. I figure it depends on whether or not she has recently done something she would rather me not know. Like being a bully at the cat door and keeping the other cats from coming inside to eat.

When Miss Kitty found her way to us in 2013, we had two other cats who set out to prove seniority. Miss Kitty made it clear that while they may be higher in command, respect – she would demand. Shortly thereafter, they warmed up to each other.

Miss Kitty was a tiny little thing, so I was surprised when the vet estimated her to be 3-5 years old. I was shocked when I went to pick her up from her appointment to be spayed and the vet told me how they discovered that she had already had the surgery sometime previously. She had no chip, however, and could not find an owner on record. I became her new owner.

Just to make sure, I spread word around the neighborhood and put a few flyers up. I heard back nothing. “Miss Kitty,” I asked her one day, “were you dumped out here or did you run away?” She quietly meowed, “Yeah.”

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